57 push ups in 30 seconds

Kien Vuu MD., of BTWC show Introduces Robert Di Massa to episode 16. To show what I am doing everyday,  I did 57 push ups in 30 seconds. 

Today is day 20 of 365 days, 345 days to go, or 49 weeks. 

3330 push ups daily in 5 hours. Over 1,000,000 push ups  for Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

All Donations Benefits Children's Hospital LA

All Donations are tax deductible. If you Care Donate as little as $5, that will be very nice. If you Can Donate more You are my hero! Lets do this together,   while I am doing Push ups, 3330 a day, I would like to have an equal Dollar amount raised from Social Media. Please help me. Thank you.  Robert Di Massa       

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The Fundraiser


I am doing push-ups.  Sounds funny right; well I am doing 3365 a day, 7 days a week with no days off for 365 days.
April 20th 2017- continuing for 365 days until April 19th 2018

The Fundraiser


 I am a Cancer Survivor.  

The finish line date is my 50th birthday and 10 years in remission from Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Do you know anyone who can take 365 days from their life to personally fundraise, do you know anyone who can do 3365 push ups once, or for 365 days without a day off? 


 If you want to accomplish something do something for someone else and your life will be fulfilled.  Push-ups are personal; you can only do them yourself.  I was born in “The City of Angels”.  My life is an example of my message.  Over the last 5 years I have made major changes within my personal life, this is how and why I am able to do this as a daily meditation .  I need to be on time with each set, my diet, sleep and mind must be focused 

Every second counts! Thank you for helping.  Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  


How To Help, Volunteer, Donate

Donate $1 per Push up

Lets do this together

Get on my back and I will do all these push ups, Wait, I can't do any push ups with you on my back.

You help raise the Funds I will do the 1,000,000 push ups.

Together we can make a difference in a child's life. 


This is where everyone can help with this year long fundraiser, Join my team -Volunteer. Give your time, Help raise funds.

Post and share these links with your Social Media network.

Take the Push Up Challenge

Challenge me to 3365 Push ups 

in 5 Hours, any day. Can you?

With Me, Do push ups 

to help raise funds for CHLA.

Against me, If you win The funds raised that day will go to your charity.

When you lose the funds you raised will go to CHLA.

Not Many if Any can beat me at my game. 

Look under your sofa, or car floor and donate $1dollar

While I am doing these push up on my knuckles on the ground, I need your help. It takes me 30 seconds to do 50 push ups. In 30 seconds you can share this  message to your friends, or donate. I have low expectations so I am starting for $1 a push up.

If you don't have anything to donate, then I do expect your time, every second counts, we are counting on you to help in a very small way together, we can help save a childs life. 


Who is Robert Di Massa ?

In this photo I was sick with cancer, 2 months later I was diagnosed. After chasing down a bank robber.

I was Born in Los Angeles, I have always lived at the beach.

25 years I worked with the finest automobiles made, As a restoration and auto paint expert.

Owning businesses all over Los Angeles, from The Hermosa Beach Car Wash, Detailing at Gold's Gym Venice, and The Hotel Bel Air and many more.

in 2008 Tesla Motors Named me their Official Detailer in Los Angeles.

I was able to help make the first 400 Tesla Roadsters ready for a new owner.

Since I have worked with all Tesla Models and love this brand.

I have many Tesla Owners worldwide who contact me for advice.

Many Tesla owners in Venice CA rely on my expert care.

I am not an Athlete or a Competitor, I am a Auto Detailer and a Cancer Survivor,

After given a new chance at life, I look at cancer as a wake up call. My inspiration comes from my 10 year relationship with a Boxer named Tiger Venice. I had a plan he was coming along with me this next year, he was called back to his creator, he is now in Heaven, My life will forever be changed by the love, friendship and humor Tiger gave me. 

We had a good thing going, 3 times a day at the sand and tideline playing like two little boys, Tiger gave me back my life, he was with me the last 10 years through all the hard times after cancer, the dark days soon turned into very sunny days. I loved Tiger, he loved me back.

My motivation comes from knowing a child is sick and the family is also, someone who has the ability to do something like myself, should do it, if you want to.

Not much more to say about me, I am doing this to help humanity, to give back and to show the world if you want something, work for it and you can achieve anything you want, even a crazy Idea like I am doing.

Who is Tiger Venice ?

Tiger was found in Mammoth Mountains 

in January 2007, I got him from someone who brought him back to Venice, We were instantly best friends.

Not your average dog, he was amazing.

I have many photos I took everyday so I can enjoy his spirt and playful life.

Tiger was friendly, and very well behaved, he was a Service Animal who gave to many people over his life time.

Tiger went into every store and business.

The last 3 years Tiger had many medical problems, Vet visits every other week. I took this time to be his caretaker when he needed extra care I was at his side, never let him down.

January he started having difficulty walking and standing, He had last stages of DM, its neurological making the dog walk on top of their paws and then falling on the ground.

His life will always be celebrated my me. Best connection I ever had with any person. He was a Human like dog. 

I now get to walk where we walked together everyday, in his paw prints in the sand. at the Venice Breakwater rocks in Venice I get to see Tiger play like its just yesterday.

Tiger Venice is my AKA, I will do this in Tigers memory.